Filipino Banana Lumpia
Those who are Indonesians would recognize these banana snacks as Pisang Aroma (literally translated aroma banana).  In Indonesia, pisang aroma has many different variants by adding jackfruit, pineapple, chocolate sprinkle (meises) and grated cheese.

I myself am too lazy to make.  Winnipeg was so hot today and drove by the Isabel street.  My intention was going to Young market but the traffic was quite hectic and I saw the left lane was empty.  I decided to turn left and crossed the street; voilà I was at the parking lot of Buenos, Filipino store.

No desire to buy any vegetables there since nothing was interest me. All I care was fresh turons from the deep fryer. These turons are pretty cheap, 11 pieces for 5 bucks. Not bad,eh!

Iftar time was around 8.36pm. I prepared the warm jasmine tea to company my turons.

Buenos Supermarket Ltd.
84 Isabel Street
Winnipeg MB, R3A 1E9

Note: Iftar refers to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan.


  1. Pepy, I was just at Shulie’s and the plantain fritters there made me think of Banana Turon. I always make them and sometimes when available, I add jackfruit ;-). Thank you for posting this!


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