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Meyer Lemon

I have Meyer Lemons’ picture long before I went for holiday last May.  These lemons have a named after Frank Nicholas Meyer, an agricultural explorer and employee of USDA who introduced them to the US in 1908.  That time was my first time trying Meyer Lemons which are a crossbreed between lemon and orange.  These Meyer …

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Durian Pancake – Guest Post at Asian in America

Durian Pancake  is a popular dessert in 3 Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.   I don’t know why it’s called Pancake while the shape is similar to Crêpe that is filled and fold like an envelope. The Indonesian dark coffee (kopi tubruk) would be perfect to company this dessert. I had Betty before …

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Durian Snowy Mooncake

I was randomly asking on twitter, “which mooncake do you like the traditional or snowy ones?  I personally like the snowy one.  However, since I wasn’t grown up with mooncake I didn’t taste the one that a friend of mine, Tuty likes.   She likes the Indonesian mooncake ” Sin Hap Hoat” brand (Flavours: chocolate, cheese, raisins, durian,cashews). …

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