Genre:Cooking, Food & Wine
Author:Yasa Boga Authors

I received this book a month ago which I ordered from Select Books Singapore. A collection of traditional recipes from various regions of the Indonesian archipelago. Written in an easy step-by-step approach, these savoury and sweet snacks are a delight to create. This book is really recommended for people who really want to learn how to make Indonesian desserts, especially non Indonesian speakers.

This book has 10 chapters; Utensils Needed, Ingredients, Wrapping Technique, For Perfect Results, Popular Indonesian Desserts, Javanese Desserts, Desserts from Sumatra, Desserts from Kalimantan, Desserts from East Indonesia, and Fruit-Based Desserts.

It’s contained pictures of all ingredients, cooking utensils, moulds that you need to make Indonesian desserts. It really helps you who don’t have no idea how those moulds are looked like.

Even though several ingredients such as sugar, wheat flour, rice flour, tapioca flour, corn starch and palm/coconut sugar are in grams, but in this book you will find gram conversion to cup.

You also can learn how to form clorot and wrap lepet by using young coconut leaf. With banana leaves, you can learn how to form a sudi, to wrap up tidbits in banana-leaf rolls, to wrap up lapek bugis, and to form a banana leaf takir. Many other techniques that I can’t explain one by one.


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