Canesugar and Nypa Sap Vinegars (Cuka Lahang and Cuka Aren)

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I realized some of my Indonesian readers don’t know about Cuka Lahang (Canesugar Vinegar). This vinegar is used in West Java area more, especially for sate maranggi (Cianjur or Purawakarta Beef Sate).

Another vinegar that I like to use is Cuka Aren (Nypa Sap Vinegar). Unfortunately, Nypa sap vinegar is no longer popular in Indonesia. The people like the chemical white vinegar more.

In which I disagree with those people choice. I pick these two vinegars over a white vinegar. The reason is, first of all, I hate white vinegar (I come to the point that I really can’t stand the taste and smell). Secondly, they are naturally fermented from plant resources, canesugar (Indonesian: tebu) and nypa-sap (Indonesian: nira aren/enau).

Living in Winnipeg, it makes me easy to find South East Asian stuffs. These two vinegars are product of the Philippines and also popular among Filipino community. So, I don’t need to buy these at the special stores, just go to any Superstores in town.

For those who follow a Halal diet. These vinegars are also safe to consume since they have a halal label on the bottles.

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