Gohu Ikan TernateGohu Ikan is a type of raw tuna salad and very refreshing taste from Ternate, East Indonesia.  A tender texture of fish is combined with spicy, savoury, tangy and crunch nutty from chilies, shallots, calamansi, balakama or kemangi (lemon basil) and kenari  (pili nuts in Tagalog) . 

Being said that Gohu Ikan has similarity with Peruvian Ceviche or Filipino Kinilaw or Hawaiian Poké, we can confirm that eating raw fish or seafood is not only in Japan, Hawaii, Peru, Italy, France or the Netherlands.  Unfortunately, Indonesian food has been always underrepresented compare to other South East Asian foods.

Steamed Cassava, Taro or Banana are the choices that Ternate people do to company this Gohu Ikan.  To make this fish dish, people usually use yellowfin tuna or skipjack tuna (ikan cakalang).

Having unsuccessfully to grow kemangi the past 2 years ever since I moved to Edmonton, I almost got discourage to recreate this dish.  Luckily that Hong Kong International Food Market in Calgary was selling kemangi.  Kenari can be found at Filipino market stores.

In this recipe, I also combined 3 different chilies; bird eyes, ring of fire peppers and regular red long pepper.Ingredients for Gohu Ikan

Gohu Ikan Ternate
Indonesian (Ternate) Tuna Ceviche

200 grams (7.05 oz) cleaned tuna (sashimi grade)
2 calamansis
4 tablespoons EV coconut oil
a handful of kenari, roughly chopped

Spices to chopped:
10 shallots
10 bird eyes chilies or Thai chilli pepper (rica gufu or cabe rawit)
a handful of  lemon basil (balakama or kemangi), only half portion to be roughly chopped
a handful of kenari (pili nuts)*

If kenari isn’t available, walnuts or peanuts do work for this Gohu Ikan.  Keylime will be good to substitute calamansi when it’s impossible to get in where you live.


  1. Cut tuna into cubes.  Marinate tuna by squeezing calamansi  and sprinkling salt over tuna cubes.
  2. Stir in a half portion of chopped lemon basil.
  3. Add chopped chilies, shallots and kenari. Mix well.
  4. Heat up coconut oil and pour over tuna mixture. Mix.
  5. Serve with the rest portion of whole lemon basil.



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