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Indonesian Bumbu Dasar or Basic Spices Paste is one way to have a short-cut to your Indonesian cooking. The name of the bumbu dasar is depending its colour of paste; Merah (Red), Putih (White), and Kuning (Yellow). Some people will have additional bumbu dasar (Indonesian Basic Spices Paste)s such as Oranye (Orange) and Hitam (Black). I myself usually only make the first 3 ones; Merah, Putih and Kuning.

I enjoy cooking Indonesian foods from scratch. Using an instant seasoning is very practice but often the flavour isn’t what I expected and additive ingredients are added to preserve the seasoning and reduce the production cost.

Canning Process

You can prepare all the ingredients in one day and preserve them by using a canning process. To eliminate the risk of botulism, canning process is used to preserve Low-Acid Foods such as vegetables, meat and game, poultry, seafood, soups, stews, tomato-vegetable sauces and tomato-meat sauces. In Indonesia, people isn’t too familiar with this process but people who live in North America or Europe love to do this process to make their own jams or sauces.

If you boil the water and the glass jars/containers in a pot, the heat will only reach to 212°F (100°C) which is the temperature of boiling water. The only way for a home canner to achieve a 240°F (116°C) temperature is in a pressure canner. In this case, I’m using my instant pot to can my bumbu dasar.

Pouring the pastes into ice cubes trays then freeze them is another way to preserve the paste. Once they are frozen, take the cubes out, transfer them into ziploc plastic bags and keep them frozen.

All recipes of Indonesian basic spices paste has been provided on my old posts except the RED ONE which I’ll post within a couple day.

Check for recipes of Bumbu Dasar:



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