Nasi Uduk is very popular in Java especially West Java and Jakarta areas. It’s a Betawinese Scented coconut Rice.

Many people asked me did you make your nasi uduk with a rice cooker or the old style one? Before I answered that question, I will explain first what the old style is. It’s an Indonesian traditional way to cook rice, by boiling the rice and water (if you going to make nasi uduk, add spices and coconut milk as well) until liquid evaporates, then move the rice to a on-stove steamer and cook until is done.

My answer is, I make nasi uduk, nasi kuning (yellow rice), bubur (rice porridge) with a rice cooker. I utilize my rice cooker for almost everything, including making lazy soup.

The last time, I made nasi uduk, it came out a bit brown due to the use of coriander.  I figured out that I needed to buy a package of muslin bags to put my spices in.  Finally, I found the unbleached muslin bags.  Finding a package of muslin bag is easy, but it’s a bit harder to get the unbleached one.  However, if you like sewing, you can make the bags by yourself.

Spice/Muslin Bag
The photo of spices is giving above, they are for making sop buntut bakar (grilled oxtail soup). I was pretty happy with the latest nasi uduk I made. It came out with no colour and tasted just like regular one (see what ingredients you need to make nasi uduk). Not only for making nasi uduk, I have used for making grilled oxtail soup.

This is how I made nasi uduk by using muslin bag. Fill the muslin bag with nasi uduk spices, tie the strings up and put it in a rice cooker. Add santan (coconut milk) and broth/water; bring to a boil. Once, it’s boiled, add rice and press the cook mode on the rice cooker again.


  1. I always use my rice cooker too to cook nasi uduk or yellow rice. So this tips from you, to use the spice bag is very useful. Thanks a lot to let us know 🙂

  2. Lia: hope you can find or sew one.

    Big Boys Oven: thanks for visiting

    Tigerfish: yay rice cooker is the help 😛

    Pigpiscorner: Can you believe I learn how to cook rice on a stove when I moved to Canada and it's my Canadian husband who taught me?

    Lori: in Asian kitchen, rice cooker is very crucial and very helpful.

  3. It’s better way to boil the coconut milk apart first. Then put it into your rice cooker together with the rice while it’s hot.


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