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Chinese Fish Soup Recipe

Last May, Tigerfish posted a very simple fish soup. I drooled over her post as she explained thoroughly how umami the soup is. She also mentioned that the best fish to use for this soup is a whole oily fish which is rich in omega 3 such as yellow croaker fish or belt fish (ikan …

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Baso Tahu Goreng

Batagor Recipe (Indonesian Fried Dumplings)

Batagor is an abbreviation from baso tahu goreng. Here is a little tutorial of bahasa Indonesia. Baso or bakso means meatballs; tahu means tofu and goreng means fry. I prefer translate those words into Fried Dumpling as it contains fried fishballs, shu mai, and filled tofus. The basic recipe is actually the same with Bandung …

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Siomay Bandung Recipe (Bandung Steamed Dumplings with Peanut Sambal)

From the name siomay, you can tell this food had an influence from the Chinese who immigrated to Indonesia long time ago.  A word of siomay itself is derived from shaomai (also spelled shui mai, shu mai, sui mai, sui maai, shui mei, siu mai, shao mai, siew mai or siomai), the traditional Chinese dumpling.  …

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Indonesian Wonton

Fried Wonton Recipe (Pangsit Goreng)

Wontons are one of my comfort food, either in deep fry, steam or soup base. I sometimes bake them as well. In Indonesia, wontons (deep fried or steamed) are used for a companion to eat bakso (Indonesian meatballs soup). You can be creative with the filling; the most common fillings in my home-country are shrimp, …

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Chinese Greens and Shrimp with Oyster and Hoisin Sauce

Most people who grew up in South-East and East Asian know this kind of Chinese greens. In Indonesia we add this into our bakso (meatballs soup), bakmi (fried or soup noodle), nasi goreng (fried rice) or just make them for stir fry. We, Indonesians, call this Chinese green as sawi or caisim which I believe …

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