My holiday to Indonesia wasn’t that long but I did finally visit Bali after the last time I went in 1996.  Bali is changing a lot.  I used to remember By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta and Denpasar area.  Last May, I was lost.  Not to mention we lost our luggage when we arrived at the Ngurah Rai airport from Surabaya.  Our luggage was apparently sent to Ujung Pandang which is a different city on a different island.  After long hours talking on phone and pushing these local airline staffs at the airport to return it to us, we got ours back on second day of our staying in Bali.

Anyway, we stayed at 100 Sunset Boutique hotel based on Cooking Tackle recommendation. Her choice is good.  Sunset road is still in Kuta but it is not as crowded as Legian and Seminyak which are heavily popular among foreigners. All hotels that I used when I was holidaying in Indonesia was booked a month earlier through and

After checked in to the hotel, I left for my culinary tours with Bli* Yudi to Lawar Kartika on By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai, to Ubud where we visit chef Lambon who is really talented to create many Balinese leafy herbs into food at Warung Pulau Kelapa and to Pasar Senggol Gianyar for Nasi Campur Bali (A Balinese Mix Rice).

This Bali story will be divided into 3 parts. This is the the first part and the second part will be a story what is around the hotel area. Last but not least, the third part will be special about Chef Lambon’s cooking and Warung Pulau Kelapa’s garden.

Bali is a small island with high concentration of Hindu believers in Indonesia which is a bit different with Hindu in India. Balinese Hinduism is basically similar to traditional Hinduism, but also includes elements of Buddhism and animism, and the supreme is called Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. In Balinese diet, pork, beef, chicken, duck, fish and seafood are included. So yes pork is common to be eaten there. As I don’t eat pork where I was at Lawar Kartika, I had Lawar Daun Belimbing (Mixed Bilimbi Leaves Salad) with Sate Lilit Sapi (Bali Beef Sate) and Beef Lung. I’m so in love with the Lawar Daun Belimbing and the crispy beef lung.

Bilimibi Leaves Salad
Lawar Kartika with Sate Lilit and other parts of beef

This set came with sop sapi (beef soup) when I tasted I commented to Bli Yudi immediately. This sop sapi tasted like a Javanese soup, light and slightly sweet. Bli Yudi replied yes this place is a bit mix and it’s not quite Balinese authentic but a friendly place for those who don’t eat pork like you do.

Just like other corners in Bali business places. Lawar Kartika has a small corner where people give praise to the Lord and the ancestors which is called Plangkiran.

Bali Pura

When I paid my bill I saw bags of crispy fish skin for sale. I can’t resist myself to not grab them.

* Bli is a Balinese word for brother to show respect.

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  1. Nice Pep, kalo review Bali ini ga bakal abis-abis saking banyaknya. Goin to Bali as well end of this month, cuman different destination. Dulunya cuman di Seminyak dan Ubud karena prefer quiet atmosphere buat honeymoon tapi kali ini sepertinya ke Legian.

    btw foto sop sapinya blur, saking laper sampe gemeteran yah ngambil fotonya? hehe..

  2. This brought back the memories of Bali. Waktu itu aku juga tinggal di 100 Sunset Hotel, pas di lantai 1 berisik banget kalo jam breakfast dan orang2 suka stayed up late di bar (utuk check in/ check out). Jadi kita minta pindah ke lantai atas. Tapi enak, kamarnya besar2 yah.

  3. I give recommended the hotel to other friend of mine too and she is happy with it. Well, just glad could have a chat with you over the phone! Sayang gak bisa ketemuan krn mumet sm kejadian bagasi lol


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