In East Java especially Surabaya and its suroundings, Keripik Kentang (Crispy Potato Chips) is made to complete Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup) beside koyah kerupuk (shrimp crackers that are ground with fried garlic).

I was making these Crispy Potato Chips really quick last Saturday (Oct 27, 2012) morning for my Indonesian cooking demo at d. a. Niehls that was happened on the same day in the afternoon.  I still have a trauma of mandolin slicer so for sure I skip this tool to fasten my job.

I used 10 russet potatoes, peeled with a peeler and cut them with a knife.

The keys of making crispy potato chips (keripik kentang) are…

  • washing the sliced potatoes really well until the water is clear and draining them.
  • getting ready with a pot of boiling water to pour over them.
  • and draining them again.
  • frying at high heat

If you want a bit salty taste on your keripik kentang, add salt in your hot oil.  At high heat, deep fry drained sliced potatoes until done.



  1. Mba pepi jadi inget ibu yang suka bikin keripik kentang ini buat santapan soto surabaya.soto surabaya yg ibu saya selalu bikin itu seperti soto ayam tapi dagingnya kita pakai sapi..:)

    • Kalo di Surabaya, soto pk daging biasa disebut soto madura tapi di daerah Probolinggo ke timur. Soto Madura otu bisa soto apa aja tapi pake koyah kelapa. 🙂


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