Rendang Padang William Wongso Series

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Rendang is one of well-known dishes from West Sumatra province of Indonesia that I have made before and posted on my blog.  As on William Wongso series website stated,  many different version can be found in the province itself such as Rendang Padang, Rendang Bukit Tinggi, Rendang Minang, and so forth. The William Wongso Series features Rendang Padang, with a bit wet texture, caramelized flavor and distinctive dark colour.  This is packaged in frozen condition with 6 month shelf life in the freezer.

As far as many different variants of rendang based on the towns or cities in Indonesia; In West Sumatra itself, the original place where rendang was invented, rendang can be made from many different ingredients such as jackfruit, cassava, water buffalo, offal (internal organs of cow), duck, snakehead fish.  So it’s not only BEEF.

Back home, rendang can be found in Padang style eateries from fancy to  warung (small eatery, street food).  Here  the Indonesian food expert , William Wongso has introduced a gourmet rendang that is ready to be reheated and enjoyed.  For those who want to enjoy an authentic rendang without any hassle, I recommended to try Rendang Padang William Wongso series.  It’s easy to carry around too!

I was fortunate to have a taste of 3 William Wongso series product lines; Rendang Padang,  Rendang Bebek (Duck Rendang) and Pepes Bandeng Keluwak/Keluak (Milkfish with Black Nuts Wrapped in Banana Leaves).  The richness of the spices are absorbed very well on these 3 foods.  Very nice to be enjoyed with steamed rice.  Now my mouth is watery when I’m typing this post.

Not many people knew when I went back to Indonesia last May.  But I was making sure that I contacted William Wongso or I call him om (uncle) William . I’m one of his fans.  As we did correspond through our social media (Facebook, twitter and instagram) and email, I couldn’t be more happier when I finally met the owner of this gourmet product as well as one of my Indonesian food guru in Yogyakarta where we headed together to Semarang for judging a cooking competition.  Thank you om for everything!

Back to his line of products here.  You can always order his Rendang Padang which comes with Wagyu Beef choice as well on William Wongso Series.  Before I forgot rendang is also good for your spaghetti/pasta/noodle or nasi goreng.


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