Kelas Balado in EnglishWith our current situation worldwide, I’m not able to do a physically present to lead any cooking class that I started last year.

People are being creative to create or produce whatever possible way to still being productive.  One of them is Reno Andam Suri who is an author of Rendang, Minang Legacy to the World.  She has created an online cooking class through Whatsapp group chat platform for a Minang Cooking Class “Kelas Balado”  and delivered in Indonesian.

Last month, Reno has proposed to partnership with me in her Kelas Balado sessions.  With this partnership, the sessions will be delivered in English instead of Indonesian which will be starting on October 16.  There are also additional informations that the Indonesian version won’t get.  A toolkit to create Minang foods outside Indonesia as I’ll give those informations throughout the sessions of Kelas Balado in English.Social Media Kelas Balado 3Are you curious or wanting to join at one of the sessions or both?  Here is the link to inquiry more details.  Clink this Kelas Balado in English.


Social Media Kelas Balado 2


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