Tahu Campur or Mix Tofu is literally translated for this dish. This Tahu Campur is the Eastern Javanese style which is different with Central Javanese. The East Javanese has a soupy look with the addition of tofu, chunk of beef, cassava cake (perkedel singkong), bean sprouts, lettuce, egg noodle and shrimp crackers. Just like most other East Javanese foods, Petis (dark shrimp paste) is also used to enhance the flavour. While the Central Java style is more like gado-gado without much of vegetable; tofu, bean sprouts, lontong (rice cake) with peanut sambal and drizzle of lime juice.

Asia is a heaven for food street. One of the example in Indonesian is tahu campur seller who comes around housing areas. It’s very convenient to cure your cravenness. This guy has been selling tahu campur by pushing the cart around our housing area since I was young. And he still does his job until my visit to Indonesia this May. This Tahu Campur isn’t the best one but my brother often buys it since it’s easy to get just wait in front of the house and the tahu campur cart will come around at the same time, 4PM.

Here is the story of my brother called the seller, then he grabbed a plate from the kitchen so he didn’t have to use the seller plate.

Then the guy was starting to cut and mix the ingredients. Place them on a plate. Laddle the beef and broth

Compare to our family favourite place for tahu campur, this guy tahu campur has a lighter taste and thinner broth. Both pictures below were taken with my cellphone when I was craving for tahu campur at our family favourite place.

For those who celebrate Ramadan, have a good and blessed Ramadan fasting!

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    • Did you call that Mee Jawa? I thought Mee Jawa is similar to Mie Rebus in Indonesia. Learning new thing! Thanks

  1. Saya pernah coba buat dapat resepnya dimajalah resep.. tapi jadinya gak enak.. Amis amis gitu,,,
    jadi balik lagi dah… Beli diwarung Surabaya… hehe :p


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