If you notice, I don’t post lots recipe lately due to my hectic days, since for the past 3 weeks I have been at home around 9 PM Monday to Friday. I also had little rush days to go to my another job on Saturday afternoon and went to Superstore to buy Ocean Perch fish for making Be Pasih Mepanggang. I woke up in the morning to marinate the fish that I thawed overnight with Base Be Pasih. While waiting for the fish, I made >Sambal Matah (Balinese Raw Shallot and Lemongrass Sambal)and Sambal Tomat (Tomato Sambal); those two sambals will be posted later on. After I was done with all those, we still had to go to PB’ family house, we had a little gathering for his mom’s birthday.

I had been curious with Be Pasih Mepanggang, since I love Ikan Panggang Pacak (North Sumatran BBQ Fish). Be Pasih Mepanggang is my entry for MFM# 10 with a theme “Seafood”, hosted by Sefa. Most of the recipes that I saw on the internet use a whole red snapper, which pretty much more expensive here. I have been substituting ocean perch for red snapper lots as I did to make Ikan Panggang Pacak (North Sumatran BBQ Fish).

Since it’s really cold outside I didn’t use my barbecue, I put in the oven at grill/broil.

My husband liked this dish even he didn’t eat with sambal because this fish itself already is spicy enough for him.

Ocean Perch
Back in the year of 2006, when the first time I knew Ocean Perch. I bought an ocean perch and I didn’t know what kind of fish that is. At glance, it is looked like red snapper. I looked up on the internet and I found that perch is any of a number of spinny-finned freshwater fish found in North America and Europe. The best known U.S perch is “yellow perch.” Perches have a mild, firm, low-fat flesh. The saltwater white perch and ocean perch is not true perches.

Ocean Peach is an important commercial fish, which is not a true perch, butrather a member of the rockfish group and also known as “sea perch”. Red Perch is a commercial fish and a member of the rockfish group. also known as “ocean perch”, although it is not a true perch. Redfish is a commercial fish and a member of the rockfish group. also known as “ocean perch”, although it is not a true perch. From the above explanations, Ocean Perch is also called for Sea Perch, Red Perch and Redfish.

Rokfish is a low-fat fish of the Pacific Coast. There are two categories
1. The elongated varietis are milder and softer, include Yellowtail and Goldeneye
2. The more full-flavored deep-bodied types include Boccaio, Chilipepper and Shortbelly

Now, let’s talk about red snapper. Red Snapper is the most popular of a few hundred species of snapper. It is a firm-textured saltwater fish. Some spiecies of rockfish and tilefish are also called snappers, but they are not.

My conclusion: if you can’t find any red snapper for purchase, you can use ocean perch instead.

If you wan to see a picture of ocean perch just go visit this http://aquanic.org and ocean perch information is courtesy of http://www.cookeryonline.com/Fish/

Be Pasih Mepanggang
source: Geoff’s Menu

Be Pasih Mepanggang
Be Pasih Mepanggang with Sambal Matah and Sambal Tomat

1 kg whole ocean perch
2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ground white pepper
1 cup base be pasih (Balinese seafood spice paste)*
oil to brush fish

1. Clean the stomach cavity, remove the gills and surrounding tissue, and scale them.

2. Using a sharp knife, cut 4 diagonal 1-inch deep slits on each side of the fish. Cut slightly deeper toward the back fin of the fish. The slits will allows the seasoning to penetrate better and help fish to cook more evenly throughout.

3. Season outside with lime juice salt and pepper. Fill the inside of the fish with seafood spice paste. If possible, leave the fish to marinate for several hours to improve the flavour.

4. Brush with a small amount of oil, place on charcoal grill and cook over medium heat. In this case, I used grill/broil in the oven, it’s too freezing to stay outside doing barbecue. đŸ™‚



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