Sambal Matah is a famous raw sambal from the Gods island of Bali.  This sambal matah was appeared first time on Indonesia Eats on January 7, 2008.  But I decided to renew the pic.  This sambal matah is perfect for you grilled chicken or fish.

Thera are two versions of Sambal Matah.  One is with slices of torch ginger (kecombrang/bongkot/honje/rias/kincung) and another one is without it.  My sambal matah here is without torch ginger as I don’t have it anymore.

Do you remember the post of Sambal Bongkot (Torch Ginger Sambal) before? The different with Sambal Matah is raw while Sambal Bongkot needs to be stir-fried.

Just like other Indonesians, Balinese loves to use terasi (dried shrimp paste) that is known as sere in the local dialect.

If you love spicy shallot and lemongrass flavor, you will love this sambal. A perfect combination for Be Pasih Mepanggang and other grilled fish.

Sambal Matah
Bali Style Raw Sambal

15 shallots, peeled and sliced in half length-way, then finely crosswise sliced
15 bird’s eye chilies, sliced
4 cloves garlic, finely sliced
5 kaffir lime leaves, finely sliced
1 tsp roasted terasi (dried shrimp paste, sere), finely grated
4 stalks lemon grass, only take the white and tender part, bruised and finely sliced
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp freshly squeezed kaffir lime juice
1/4 grated kaffir lime skin
75 ml extra virgin coconut oil

Combine all other ingredients and mix thoroughly for a couple of minutes before serving with Be Pasih Mepanggang and Sambal Tomat.


  1. Lovely. I never try eating raw shallot except a bit in salad dressing. but I bet it tastes nice!

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I have been really busy. No time for anything except for working and other important thing. Hope things are good with ya! 🙂

  2. Mbak Retno, seri sambal masih berlanjut 🙂

    Anh, I myself have been busy that is why I haven’t visited regularly other blogs that I used to do

    Hope everything is ok with you

  3. ‘Torch Ginger’, well… in Malaysia we use to call it ‘Bunga Kantan’..never knew that in Indonesia there are a few other names…

  4. Hello!

    I lived in Bali for a year and Sambal Matah is now a weekly occurance in my life.

    A tip I picked up from a warung was to cover your sliced shallots in a tablespoon or so of salt and sit them in a collendar or sieve for an hour. Then wash off the excess salt before including them in the sambal. It mellows them out a little!

    Personally I like it both with and without the salting but I thought I would share the tip! 🙂

  5. I recently went to Bali and it was my first time to try sambal matah. I instantly fell in love with it. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I’ll try this over the weekend :).

  6. Is the kaffir juice not bitter? i’ve tasted it, and can only imagine using usual lime juice. pls let me know your experiences


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