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Asia City Asian Bistro and Express for Phở Bò and Bánh Mi

Growing up with bakso (Indonesian meatballs soup), soon when I was introduced to Phở Bò, this food became one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes. Asia City has offered a cheap deal for Phở and Bánh Mi (Vietnamese Subs) at lunch hour. To me the pho bo portion on this deal is perfect to me which is smaller compare to regular one. As far as taste, it’s okay it wasn’t the best one.

A good variety on Banh Mi from a vegetarian perspective; good on price! However, I would stay away from the buffet; tasteless, look boring and seemed they have been re-heated for days.

I used to like their bubble tea but it seemed the taste has changed over the past 3 years but at least they have been consistent with the bubbles (tapioca pearls); they cook them properly.

Service? It looks like they don’t care if there are customers waiting or not. In another word, their service sucks!

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