As an Indonesian who ate ample mie goreng (or Dutch call it bamie) from street hawkers back when I was in Indonesia or from my late mom’s kitchen, I was guilty to not share this easy recipe long time ago. Until last January, another good Filipino friend through blogging world, Ray Gingco of Wok with Ray emailed and requested a noodle dish from Indonesia as his blog’s guest post.

You may remember Ray with his yummy oxtail kare-kare on January. If you miss this post, you better check out his post.

Remember mie goreng can be made for a vegetarian by omiting all the protein resources and still keep the veggies! Mie Goreng is very yummy to serve with Indonesian pickle (acar) and kerupuk udang (shrimp crackers).

Acar and Spice Paste fo MIe Goreng

Eager to see how I made this simple mie goreng? Check out at Wok with Ray.


  1. mba pepy keren ini resep mie gorengnya…wah jadi pengen inspiring!yummm..thanks for posting ya mba..

    PS : aduh saya salah post komen di work with roy dengan bahasa indo lagi.. maaf..maklum g faham kirain itu postingannya di blog mba..:D

  2. Hi Pepy! You have a lovely, interesting blog with beautiful photos! I am very happy to meet you through Ray’s blog and will certainly be coming back.

    • Thanks Nami! You may find the wok at Indian markets in your town. The beautiful pabric is known as batik and it was shipped from Indonesia

  3. Thanks Pepy, this looks much more colorful than my mie goreng. Perhaps I still make it the old Dutch colonial way. I’ll have to definitely make it this way, it looks so good, my mouth is watering.


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