Bubur Ayam - Chicken Rice Porridge

Bubur Ayam (Chicken Congee or Chicken Rice Porridge) is a breakfast style of people who live in western part of Java island in Indonesia. I used to consume this once I moved to Bogor. There are some different types of chicken congee depend on the region.

This time I picked the Bubur Ayam Kuning. Bubur means congee or rice porridge and ayam means chicken while kuning means yellow in Indonesian. I believe Bubur Ayam Kuning from Cirebon as I recalled there was a Bubur Ayam Kuning Cirebon hawker at Blom M, Jakarta where I used to eat it back when I was in Indonesia.

To get the sense of street food hawkers in Indonesia, I purposely looked for the specific bowl. A bowl with cock’s pattern which is widely used for the food hawkers to serve bakso (meatballs soup), bubur (rice porridge or congee) and mie ayam (a noodle dish with savoury ground chicken. I was so happy to see this bowl for purchased at one of Asian grocers in Winnipeg.

I care less about chicken innards sate that is complement for bubur ayam, so my choice was yellow chicken sate as the substitute here.

To make a faster congee, there are bags of broken rice sold at Winnipeg’s local Asian markets. If you have this choice, go do this way rather than using regular rice. I also suggest if you want to have a creamier congee, there is a Calrose rice type which has a faster time to cook compare to regular jasmine rice.

Bubur Ayam Kuning
-Yellow Chicken Congee-
modified by me

Congee or Rice Porridge
200 g broken rice or calrose rice
1 L water
2 L homemade chicken stock (I used leftover chicken carcass and veggies to make stock)
1 pandan leaf
2 Indonesian bay (salam) leaves

Yellow Chicken Sate:
300 g chicken chunks

Grind rempah (spices) into a paste:
5 shallots
3 cloves garlic
2 cm turmeric root, roasted and peeled
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tbsp ground coriander seed
3 candlenuts
ground white pepper and salt as desired

emping nut crackers.
tapioca crackers
cakwe (Chinese long donut), sliced => for people who live in western Canada, it can be found at Superstore (bulk bakery section). Also, sold frozen at Asian grocers.
fried soybeans
fried shallots
Chinese celery leaves, chopped
green onions, sliced

Congee or Rice Porridge
1. Wash and drain the rice. In a pot, mix water and rice. Bring to a boil and cook until soft.
2. Add chicken stock and the leaves. Reduce the heat and continue simmering until porridge is ready. No separation between liquid and rice is the sign that porridge ready. Add salt and ground white pepper to taste and mix.

Yellow Chicken Sate
1. Stir fry rempah until fragrant. Add a small amount of water and chicken chunks. Cook until the liquid evaporates.
2. Thread the wooden skewers onto chicken chunks. Grilled until done.

Yellow Chicken Sate
How to fry soybeans to perfection: (courtesy of Mariena of Resto Mariena)
Soak soybeans in hot boiled water. When the water’s temperature is low or colder, drain soybeans. Place on paper surface to speed up the drying process. Fry until golden brown. Drain and store in an air tight container.

Plating the bubur ayam:
Place bubur (rice porridge) in a bowl. Sprinkle fried soybeans and shallots, green onions, chopped celery leaves, tapioca and emping nut crackers. Put sambal on the spoon.


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  2. Pepy, your porridge looks so yummy … I never get bored eating all style of chicken porridges. Always have an extra cakwe, I love it :o)

  3. Pepy, your porridge looks so yummy … I never get bored eating all style of chicken porridges. Always have an extra cakwe, I love it :o)

  4. @ Mindy: hayoo kapan ke sini
    @ LCOM: thanks
    @ Pigpigscorner: hahaha me too
    @ Lia Chen: all about the cakwe! same here πŸ™‚
    @ Angie: Thanks
    @ Tuty: let me know how it turns out
    @ Noobcook: Rice cooker will make it easier. πŸ™‚


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