Vindaloo has always been my favourite since I have known Indian food. I’m sorry I’m not a big fan of butter chicken. I have had vindaloo from some different Indian restaurants in town.

I recalled I had lamb vindaloo from Rasoi before and it was good one. Time has changed and Rasoi has decreased its food quality. Tonight we placed an order for delivery; a lamb vindaloo, a vegetable korma, 2 samosas and 4 naans. I expected that I would receive a hot spicy vindaloo. But it wasn’t the only thing that I disliked the gravy or sauce was so watery. The meat was tough too. I ended up to turn my stove on and took out chili powder and some of Indian spices from my pantry to spice up the food.

While I was busy to spice up my vindaloo, my husband had the same comment for his vegetable korma. The korma didn’t taste good either. I took a bite of his korma and told him that his korma was still ok compare to my bland vinegary vindaloo. I know vindaloo is added by vinegar but this one was unbearable. Rasoi naan tasted bad as well.

Overall, this place has cutback the quality.

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