Vietnamese Lotus Root Soup
The idea of making Canh Cu Sen (Vietnamese Lotus Root Soup) happened when I stumbled upon Wandering Chopsticks post.  The original recipe is applied pork bones or ribs.  For those who can’t eat pork as I do, you can use beef marrow or beef ribs.

As I’m thinking to make something alkaline, I decided to make this soup straight vegan. Lotus root is one of alkaline food sources. We may not be aware of it but most of us tend to eat more acid-forming food and much less alkalizing food. What does alkaline mean? Why do we need alkaline foods?

Any food rich in alkaline has a pH level of over 7.0. On the other hand, anything that is acidic has a pH level of below 7.0. Foods vary in nutritional value, but also vary by pH level. There are many foods that are alkaline as well as acidic. Depending on your specific needs, you may need more alkaline foods in your diet, but generally, everyone needs more alkaline foods for better health.

Since too much acidity can be harmful to our body, we sometimes need something to counteract the excess acids. For those who suffer from acid reflux, we are even in a worse situation because we’re often already predisposed to having more acid in the stomach than needed.

This alkaline foods link will explain to you more and what foods under category alkaline and acid are.

I myself use to drink warm water with squeezed lemon or lime to alkalize my body when I wake up in the morning. Well, you may think ohh dear don’t you think lemon or lime is acid? I recommend you to read more about lemon water.

Anyway, back to my vegan recipe here. It’s pretty easy to make. Another recipe of Canh Cu Sen can be found in Vietnamese and I had to use google translate to understand the language 🙂

This recipe is my participation for Delicious Vietnam #13, hosted by Ing of My Fusion Kitchen. Learning about Vietnamese foods is fascinating to me and I thank Food Lover’s Journey and Ravenous Couple for creating this event.

Canh Củ Sen
– Vietnamese Lotus Root Soup –

1 or 2 segments lotus root (cu sen)
homemade or store-bought vegetable stock*


Slices of Lotus Root
To make earthier stock from vegetables, roast them first. Follow my directions for basic homemade vegetable stock.

Bring a mixture of vegetable broth and cilantro stalks to a boil. Meanwhile, peel and slice lotus roots thinly. Rinse thoroughly so the center parts are clean.

Add the slices to your broth, simmering on medium for about 15 minutes or until the lotus roots are tender to your liking. As wandering chopstick, I like mine a bit crunchy.

Ladle into a bowl, put the cilantro and sprinkle a little pepper on top. This dish can be eaten hot with rice. On above picture, I honestly forgot to garnish it with cilantro.

Cook’s Note:
*This time I didn’t make my own vegetable broth, but I bought the vegan version with no MSG added at the natural heath store near by my house.

Vegetable Bouillon


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