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First of all, let me say Happy Eid-ul Adha, my dear friends, for those who celebrate Eid-ul Adha. I know… It’s been a while I didn’t update my blog, my last post was November 13rd, almost a month. Please forgive me if I sometimes take a peak to my other blog fellows without leaving any comments. Pretty much having a hectic life with assignments and exams; finally, they were done by December 3rd. Hence, I have more time to catch up on my food-photo project for Del Miño.

Upsss… what the hell I’m talking here suddenly I’m blabbing about food photo project. The story began with somebody sent a requested e-mail as he was interested with my kiwifruit mousse shot. He offered me to take pictures for Del Miño as part of its advertising. I agreed! Since I’m no longer a full time kitchen worker; however, I am a full time student now. As a result, I did pretty much for three pictures really quick, but I was really behind for the 4th and 5th draft pictures. Ahhhh, I feel relief as I did my last photo session last night and sent the fifth draft off.

The photo project was all about kiwi. Everything with kiwi and the colour should represent the logo of Del Miño, green and red, which attention red should not be overpower the red colour. The colour reminds me of Portugal flag, where this company is based on. In this case, I had to create recipes as well. Here are the dishes that I sent off

  • Bicolor Kiwi Smoothies
  • Green Kiwi Salad with Balsamic Hemp Vinaigrette
  • Kiwi Mousse Cake
  • Flan de Kiwi y Pandan
  • Minty Kiwi and Berries Salad

I really had a hard time with the flan, since I had to renew a classic Spanish flan recipe by enhancing with kiwi and pandan flavour as well. Four times trial and error in making this dessert, but the result was really satisfied me.

As my agreement with the management, I will be able to post the original pictures by December 24, 2008. All of them are copyrighted under Del Miño. Right now, I only can show you the draft of pictures that Del Miño didn’t choose.



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