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Tongseng Kambing (Solo Style Goat, Cabbage, and Coconut Stew)

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Can you think a dish that includes goat meat, cabbage, coconut, kecap manis and coconut milk? If you have been to Central Java of Indonesia or at least to Java island, you will know tongseng kambing. Tongseng Kambing is a popular dish from Solo (known as Surakarta) but this dish has been spread out all over Java island as a street food.

When Mireille of Chef Mireille’s Global Creations offered me to be her guest post, I was so happy. Her blog carries many different ethnic foods. She told me that she needs something unique from Indonesia which is not well known worldiwde. I’m sure there are tons of blogs out there that have things like Nasi Goreng and Satay (Sate)“.

I picked Tongseng Kambing to be presented for this guest post. Thou, many Indonesian blogs have a recipe of tongseng kambing but they are mostly written in Indonesian.

How am I describing tongseng kambing or this Solo style goat, cabbage and coconut stew? Just like other Central Javanese foods, sweet ia s predominant taste. However, I slightly changed the recipe due to my tastebud can’t handle sweetness quite good. Tongseng Kambing has a combination of spices taste, slightly sour from tomato, sweet from kecap manis, hot from ground white pepper and chilies.

If you are curious how to make this dish, I suggest you to hop on her blog.

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