There are some different eggplants. If you grew up in the tropical countries, you will notice some other different shapes and colours.

This time I have tiny eggplants. In Indonesia there are two kind of tiny eggplants. One is called tekokak or rimbang (Solanum torvum) and another one is leunca (Solanum nigrum)

Other names of Solanum torvum:
Sundanese: takokak
Javanese: pokak
Malay: terong pipit

Other names of Solanum nigrum:
Sundanese: leunca
Malay: ranti

Both have the same shape, very tiny. The difference is thickness of the skin. Solanum torvum has a thicker skin which is explained why in North Sumatra, people cook it into curries. Solanum nigrum has a thinner skin, very easy to squeeze and doesn’t need to cook in a long period. Solanum torvum has taller tree than Solanum nigrum and has thorns on the tree. When Ripe Solanum nigrum will turn purple while Ripe Solanum torvum turns yellowsih and wilted.

The ones that shown above are Solanum torvum which I usually call tekokak or rimbang. What did I use with those little tiny eggplants? I was making Gulai Daun Ubi Tumbuk Mandailing (Mandheling Crusshed Cassava Leaves Curry) which is my childhood curry.


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