Merdeka! Today is not August 17 yet, but I have decided to change my blog skin to red and white, the color of Indonesia’s flag, and also, I am posting the spirit of merah & putih, the spirit of Independence Day of Indonesia.

Thinking about joining The Red & White Foodie Photography Contest has been in my mind since last month; what’s more, wondered what I should make or shoot. I made my psyche up, and went for Ongol-Ongol Singkong Merah Putih that I have posted on my multiply about 2 years ago to celebrate the 61st Indonesian Independence Day.

Furthermore, this recipe uses cassava, which was the staple food in Indonesia before rice becomes one. By augmenting with combination of soy milk and coconut cream powder as well as substituting agar-agar powder for konyaku powder, I made small differences.

Spirit of Merah Putih

Spirit of Merah Putih 2

Spirit of Merah Putih_hor


  1. waaaaaa…apik fotone Pep! tp yg mana yg dsubmit nih..soalnya smuanya bagus sih..
    Trus makannya so Indo gitu loh..
    Goodluck ya!

  2. apik apik fotona. bakalan si juri mumet tujuh keliling dah ah milihnya qiqiiqiqi

    Thanks for your entry Pep and Merdeka. jgn lupa besok balap makan kerupuk yo

  3. kapan dulu diceritain sodara ttg ongol-ongol singkong, boleh dicoba nih pep secara aku into jajanan pasar nih. promoting getu biar dikenal di sini sebelom negara laen ngenalin sebagai makanan neg mereka.

  4. @ Fonie: silahkan..

    @ Rita: lahh disini singkong malah dijual di spm biasa baik segarnya maupun yg udah diparut dan frozen


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