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The life of foodie blogger with a full time job. Exactly, I have two full time jobs. Don’t you think a blogger is a full time job? 😛 Outside my foodie side, I am a full time employee. During my extra time, I am still doing my favourite to do, cooking, photographing foods, eating, talking about food and reading a cookbook.

I don’t have a quite large collection of cookbooks as I’m very particular about them. I like a book that give me something; something to be more knowledgeable. I sometimes visit the used bookstores, so hopefully I can find a nice book to read and collect with a cheaper price.

I am fascinating to read about other people cultures, what and how they eat and etc. That is the reason why you see some other foods from other ethnicities, besides trying to gather as many Indonesian foods as I can. Mind you…Indonesia has over 300 ethnic groups and each ethnic group has different foods and cultures.

My collection 1
Only one book above isn’t owed by me. I took it back to the library already.
One day, it was about last year. When I went to Aqua Books in downtown Winnipeg, I found a great deal of captivating book which is perfect for me; The Food Lover’s Atlas of the World by Martha Rose Shulman. This book contains briefly about the ingredients of the country all over the world. The custom of eating.

I admit that I’m not a baker yet I still have a baking cookbook :). I used to bake a lot when I still worked as a cook. Personally, I don’t that much at home. Of course you know that I love fish and seafood since I grew up with them, so I do need to know about North Atlantic Seafood. I enjoy food photos so I collect some Donna Hay’s too. For sure, I have one of Michael Smith cookbook. He is my favourite Canadian celebrity chef. In my opinion, he is a humble chef and really respect other culture foods. I envy with his pantry on Chef at Home show where he keeps all his spices from all over the world. He was a New Yorker boy that chose to live on the small island of Canada, PEI (Prince Edward Island).

As a foodie, I do enjoy eating out. Please enjoy my old shot on-site when I went for sashimi.

Salmon & Tuna Sashimi


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