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Happy New Year!!!

For those who haven’t join the Indonesian Street Snack Cookbook Giveaway, you still have time to enter it.  Enjoy the Best of Indonesia Eats 2011. They were categorized into two parts; one part was Indonesian Food and another part was non Indonesian Food.  If you’re missing these posts, feel free to click the links and they will bring you to the recipes.  
Row 1. Left to Right: Pulut Udang-Medan Shrimp Roll, Gohu – Minahasa Papaya Salad, Tekwan – Palembang Fish Ball Soup, Pacri Nanas – Malay Spiced Pineapple
Row 2. Left to Right: Durian Pudding with Pandan Vla, Kroket Kentang-Potato Croquette, Sop Kaki Kambing-Jakarta Goat Feet Soup, Mie Kepiting-Aceh Crab Noodle
Row 3. Left to Right: Sate Klopo-Surabaya Coconut Beef Sate, Ayam Goreng Kremes-Fried Chicken with Crunchy Flakes, Kering Kentang-Dried Potatoes, Nasi Udang Bu Rudy-Shrimp Rice ala Mrs. Rudy

Row 1. Left to Right: Hazelnut Chocolate Pudding, Falafel, French Onion Soup, Buchujeon/Buchu Buchimgae-Korean Chives Pancake
Row 2. Left to Right: Southern Fried ChickenBittermelon Omelette, Pho Bo-Vietnamese Beef Rice Noodle Soup, Peanut Butter Cheesecake
Row 3. Left to Right: Gỏi Đu Đủ-Vietnamese Papaya Salad, Hến Xào Xúc Bánh Tráng-Vietnamese Stir Fried Baby Clams with Sesame Rice Crackers, Paneer-Indian Fresh Cheese



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