It’s still morning in Winnipeg. I was browsing around, signing in to my gmail, chit chat a bit with Lia in UEA about blogspot before she’s going home. As my daily activity, signing in to my multiply account, replayed and left some comments, posted some pics, then on my multiply message board there was a title “[GOOD NEWS-BLOGGER OF THE WEEK] an Indonesian Chef in Canada aka mbak Pepy” Was it a dream? Somebody called me “a chef” and put my multiply and blogspot at his review. I can’t believe it. I wish I could be a real chef , but Im just a foodie blogger.

As I stated on my profile blogspot, I’m not a chef, I’m just an ordinary woman who really miss my homecountry. There is always a way to make ourselves feel at home. My way is by cooking Indonesian food. I just want people know about my homecountry, that is the reason why I use English for my blogspot.

Thank you mbak Ary for your information and mas Fatih Syuhud for reviewing me. To mas Fatih Syuhud I really aprreciate what you did.


  1. Congratulation for the good review by Fatih. Your cuisine diplomacy is due for such appraisal; the promotion of Indonesia through its exotic food and delicacies. Best regards, Anwar.


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