Above picture was taken from Tea Story pamflet by iPhone

I don’t recall exactly when Tea Story first opened but this place is quite new.  When I entered the cafe, I suddenly felt I was in some cafes in Asia.  Although I have tasted many different bubble teas, I think Tea Story is the winner in town.  It does have cleaner taste especially with real ingredients not powder ones. However, I read some reviews at Urbanspoon that somebody didn’t get fully cooked tapioca balls. I have been there twice and did get fully cooked tapioca balls all the time.

The place is quite comfortable to hang out especially with free Wifi. Price is average, but one thing I would change. Even though the plates and glasses are disposable, some customers just left them on the table and made a bit messy. Being more aware to clean the table by the staff would be perfect as dirty tables would make the comfortable value become less. Since I noticed the owners are young new entrepreneurs, they might need to learn on how to keep consistency of food quality as well as taking leadership for the staff.

The next pictures were my second visit. My husband ordered Vegetarian Waffle with Blueberry Bubble Tea and my self with Death by Chocolate Waffle and Pineapple Bubble Tea.

Pineapple and Blueberry Bubble Tea

Waffle 2/2Waffle 1/2

Yes I’m almost finished my food…

Tea Story Cafe on Urbanspoon



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