For the first time, I saw Kumquat for purchased in Winnipeg. I hadn’t noticed about Kumquat until Anh of Food Lover’s Journey replied on my Calamansi and Grilled Ikan Tude with Dabu-Dabu while I posted few pictures of Calamansi.

On fresh fruit and vegetables racks, I saw two packages of small orangish fruits. I walked toward the cashier where Mrs. Wong were standing, I was wondering what fruit it was. She said, “It’s a kind of orange, very sweet and bit sour.”
I replied, “Is this Kumquat? “
“Yes, you’re right”

After having all those kumquats, I didn’t find any sour one.

If you wonder what Kumquat is, just please click on here to get more information.

Kumquat 2

Kumquat 1

Kumquat 3

Look me closer?

Kumquat 4



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