To celebrate my birthday on May 10, I told to my closest friends to go out with me. As a foodie off course, I’d take them for something to fill our belly.

When I contacted them, I was so happy to know that both of them were free this Saturday. I was confused between taking them to something sweet or savoury. Baked Expectations or Sun Fortune? The winner was Sun Sortune.

Sun Fortune is one of my favourite restaurants in town. When I don’t feel good, I often ask my husband to take me buying a portion of congee from this restaurant.

It’s highly recommended to reserve a table for the weekend. So, I called there around 11 PM to reserve a table for 3 at 8PM. I also pre-ordered a deluxe seafood fondue. Don’t imagine fondue like the French style. It’s actually known as a hot pot, steamboat or shabu-shabu in other parts of the world.

Fitri lives in the North area while Jill is in the South which is closer to Sun Fortune. Fitri came by to my place since I live in the middle of both of them. Then, I picked up Jill and we swing by at new Asian supermarket “Ing” on Pembina to kill time.

Thou I reserved a table, we still had to wait as the reserved table was used by other customers. The waitress said, please wait for couple minutes that customers already paid. Until we got another table and started eating our fondue, those customers hadn’t left yet.

Anyway, I ordered two different soup base for the fondue. I chose Korean seafood and asked Jill to pick as I know she doesn’t eat lots spicy foods as Fitri and I do. Surprisingly, Jill said I’ll go for the Thai tom yum (spicy). The Korean soup base has real chunks of crab for the broth.

Assorted proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates were companied these two spicy soup bases. Whole shrimps, squids, mussels, scallops, oysters, fish fillets fish cakes, fish/seafood balls, egg tofu, regular tofu, bean curd sheets, slices of beef and lamb, and chunks of chicken, udon, bean thread noodles, button mushroom, slices of oyster mushrooms, enoki, napa cabbage, spinach, and daikon.


Honestly, the portion is way too big for 3 people. I thought we can add 2 more people to join with us.

Basically, we threw anything that we want to the soup base and cook them. First slurping of the broth tasted so spicy but we get used to it and at the end we said the same it wasn’t that hot anymore :).

The shrimps were so sweet and tasty. Suck the juice that came out from shrimp heads like that I used to do when I was a kid. My eating habit is still the same; save the best part for last, oysters!!!!


Thanks to all birthday wishes through Facebook!

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