Corns in a cupA snack that I recalled from my childhood and was loved by maternal grandpa. Surely, this snack is loved by our family especially my baby brother.

I enjoyed it for my iftar. Iftar is an evening meal during Ramadan which the Muslims can break their fast. Since I was in Indonesia, I like my iftar very simple for starter. I don’t like starting with a heavy food. A glass (not a cup) of warm tea is nice enough to begin, then I continue with icy beverages. My favourite iftar drinks are es blewah (shaved a kind of cantaloupe with ice and syrup), es degan/dawegan/dogan/kelapa muda (shaved young coconut meat with coconut water and ice) and es selasih (basil seed drink with ice).

As you know from my previous post that I bought a dozen fresh organic sweet corns, the reason why I made sredeg. Hence I decided to make sredeg for my iftar after having my warm tea.

Corns in a cup is typical street food in Indonesia. I have no idea why my grandpa called it sredeg :).

It’s very simple to make. All you need are:

How to make?
Steam your cobs of corn, shave them, mix with salt and sugar. Done and ready to eat. If you love a heavier version, you can add grated cheese and drizzle sweetened condensed milk over.

Don’t get mixed up with grontol or in East Java, it’s known as blendhung. Grontol or blendung is made from old corn kernels, soak overnight and boil them until the size expand. Enjoy with grated coconut.

This post goes to Joy From Fasting To Feasting (season-III), hosted by Lubna Karim. Have a good the rest of Ramadan.


  1. Beautiful presentation as always, Pep!! What kind of graphic editor do you use if I may know?By the way, you can find cobek here: tokoindonesia.deIt's based in Germany, but they send the goods worldwide I think, you just have to think about it whether it's worth it with the shipping cost, etc. (Uppsss, sorry, just checked it out, they only send inside Europe :()….

  2. I only use adobe photoshop, but I didn't do much editing. Hikss, I wanna cobek badly. My cobek right now is food processor LOL

  3. Hehehe, suka banget sama jajanan satu ini, tapi jadi ketawa biasanya kebanyakan makan ini trus bazookanya memborbardir terus deh πŸ˜€

  4. Yum! Bet it tastes amazing with condensed milk. Almost like a dessert then? And the second time today that I've heard about this basil seed drink – sounds so yummy!

  5. I love corn – this is good enough for me, no need for cheese or condensed milk!That is a beautiful picture! Hope you have a blessed Ramadan and a joyous Eid πŸ™‚

  6. I love eating corn. And I'm loving it more when you mentioned adding some condensed milk, my favorite. Great presentation. I will definitely try these.


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