Smoked Duck Fried Rice

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Smoked Duck Fried Rice

This smoked duck was leftover from our New Year’s dinner. My uncle in law asked a help his colleague to smoke a whole duck. After the dinner, he then left the carcass, fat, skin and some meat for me to bring home. I baked the fat and skin to get the oil. With some vegetables, I boiled the carcass for the broth. Used the meat for this fried rice. Look! I used up almost everything…

I never have an exact recipe for fried rice since I have been making fried rice so many times.

Smoked Duck Fried Rice
recipe by me

overnight cold cooked rice
smoked duck meat, sliced
Chinese celery leaves, chopped

Grind into a paste:
red pepper
bird eyes chilies
dried shrimp paste(Indonesian: terasi)/fish sauce
white peppercorns

In a skillet, saute the paste for 1-2 minutes or until fragrant. Add shrimp, stir. Mix cold rice in the skillet, stir until all mixed. Add smoked duck meat and chopped celery leaves and stir.

Serving suggestion: transfer into a plate, and ready to eat with fried egg and blanched vegetables.

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