Sambal Tuk Tuk
Sambal Tuk-Tuk

Sambal Tuk-Tuk is another andaliman sambal from one ethnic group of Indonesia; it is from Tapanuli (Batak), North Sumatra. Sambal is like Indonesian staple food beside rice so it’s common when you visit Indonesia you will see many different varieties of sambal in every region.

If you are not aware what Andaliman is, I have posted some information about Andaliman, a recipe of Sambal Andaliman and Arsik before where Andaliman was included. What is the biggest different between Sambal Tuk-Tuk and Sambal Andaliman? Sambal Tuk-Tuk is enhanced with dried fish meanwhile Sambal Andaliman isn’t added by any fish. The fish that the Tapanuli uses for Sambal Tuk-Tuk is ikan aso-aso (dried Indian mackerel or ikan kembung gepeng or Rastrelliger spp.) but if you can’t find it, feel free to substitute with dried anchovies as I did for this recipe.

Ingredients fro making Sambal Tuk Tuk is just like other Sambals. Andaliman has given a different sansation when you eat it. A recipe of this Sambal Tuk Tuk was adapted from Ingredients of Life where I pinned the pic on my pinterest. Do you use pinterest as well? Feel free to see what I like to pin. Also, I have changed the recipe slightly by adding my favourite citrus, calamansi instead of using regular lime.

Today is already August 17 in Indonesia. Happy 67th Independence Day INDONESIA …Here is what I can present to you. Cooking Indonesian Food and blog about it!

Andaliman Fish Sambal

1 tablespoon andaliman
seasalt to taste
1 teaspoon fresh squeezed calamansi juice
3/4 cup dried anchovies, slightly toasted
10 long red cayenne pepper
5 Thai red pepper
3 shallots (use 5-6 shallots if you use a smaller size one), peeled
2 candlenuts

1. In a small fry pan, add long red cayenne pepper, Thai red pepper, shallot and candlenut. Toast until you can smell the fragarant aroma in the air.

2. With a mortar and pestle, grind all chilies and seasalt together then add andaliman, shallot and candlenut. Then regrind them until mix and smooth.

3. Taste the saltiness, add if you need to. Place anchovies in and coarsely grind until mix. Add calamansi juice and mix with a spoon. Ready to enjoy with Mandailing style Gulai Ubi Tumbuk (crushed cassava leaves curry) and rice!


  1. I’ve tried three types of sambal so far, they all were very spicy but delicious, a small a mount goes a long way and I adore the intense flavor! This version looks great too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Pepy,

    I love this sambal! I used to pair it with hot plain rice and my oh my it was the best lunch ever! We used dried anchovies or kembung here.. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It reminds me of home and my childhood. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Eid and Happy Independence day, Indonesia!

  3. Kalau ditempat sayaa dulu, pake ikan air tawar, baru ikannya disalai, cabe justru pake cabe rawit hijau dan jeruk nipis.. Tp sekarang sudah jarang pake ikan air tawar, karena sudah langka.. Klo g pake teri, pake ikan nila, atau ikan asin yg dikeringin itu…. Jadi kangen sambal inii


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