Sambal Pencok (Sambal Terasi with Long Green Beans)

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Another dish that I used to have when I still lived in my parents’ house.  I wasn’t aware of this dish’s name until Renny told me.  Yeah, I recreated the dish to what I recalled.  Then I chatted with my brother.  He asked to our helper at home.  And Renny was right. The name is Sambal Pencok.

Renny and I have a different recipe on making this sambal.  She adds shallot and kencur (kaemferia galangal) while I just used my sambal terasi bilimbi that I posted previously.  Basically, make your sambal terasi and combine with very fine slices of long green beans.  Don’t forget to use your pestle and do a slightly crush motion on the mixture.  Sambal pencok can be enjoyed with fried fish or chicken and lemon basil (Indonesian: daun kemangi)

I’m not sure where this dish is originated but I know Bangil, a small town in East Java is really famous with this sambal as well as Banyumas (Central Java) and some other places in West Java.

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