It’s such a beautiful name of herb, Rosemary. I felt in love with this herb and have been using for some of dishes, bread, lamb, escargot, soup etc. Enjoy the beautiful rosemary, folks!


Rosemary 1

Rosemary 2

Rosemary 3

Rosemary 4

Rosemary 5


  1. Is there something about Rosemary that makes it pair so well with lamb?
    Ermm….Mary had a little lamb…does that hook up? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Tigerfish: Mary will be a perfect pair with lamb ๐Ÿ˜›

    East Meets West Kitchen: Happy V-day to you too

    Maddy: I’m using Canon Rebel XTi

  3. Setuju sama Elsye. Aku suka sama DoF-nya, Pep.
    Ngomong2, aku juga cinta sama rosemary. Apalagi kalo bikin kentang bakar…mmmmmm..nyam-nyam.

  4. This rosemary photography is so crisp, clean, fresh and beautiful! We love rosemary as well and can’t live without it. We’ve been eating tons of rosemary potatoes as well lately!

  5. Elsye: Thank you!

    Sheila: Thank you, indeed rosemary is so flavorful

    White On Rice Couple: As Sheila does, she loves baked potatoes with rosemary


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