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Rengginang (Indonesian Glutinous Rice Crispy)

Rengginang is a kind of thick crackers, made from cooked glutinous/sticky and seasoned with spices and then sun-dry. The sun-dried rengginang will soon be fried with ample oil.

Thou I translated into glutinous rice crispy, it doesn’t have the same texture and taste as the North American rice crispy square which is chewy (due to marshmallow added) and sweet.

Rengginang can be divided by area (mostly Java) and ingredient. By area, there are rengginang Cirebon, Tasikmalaya, Semarang, East Java and etc. By ingredient, it can be enhanced by shrimp, oyster, terasi (dried shrimp paste), lorjuk (razor clam). It also has a different name rangginang or ranginang.

These rengginangs are tasty and crunchy. Some are sweet but they are not as sweet as the North American rice crispy squares and some are savoury. Rengginang is more popular in villages as a light snack over the dining table and even served as a snack on the coffee table for guests.

Lately, rengginang popularity is back on demand. This traditional snack can be enjoyed at the party, hotel and large restaurants. The size is also smaller, it looks cuter to be served.

My rengginang picture above is rengginang terasi. They were sent by one of friends who lives in North Carolina, US and was just back from Indonesia. Curious how these rengginangs are looked after deep frying? Click the link below.

Rengginang Terasi

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