Oriental Persimmon

Recently, I have been feeling not well. So I want to cheer me up with something bright and I have decided every Friday I only post photos or photo (no recipe!)

Have you ever tried this Oriental Persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb)? They look a bit different with regular persimmons. Well, I got to taste them again when I was back to Indonesia.  Sweet and taste better than apples for my tastebuds. In Indonesia, oriental persimmon can be found into a different name such as Kesemek, Tledung, Semek, Buah Samak, and Tasmak. Oriental Persimmons are not native to Indonesia but it was introduced to Indonesia during Dutch colonialism.

Berastagi, a highland  town and subdistrict of Karo RegencyNorth Sumatra is popular for its colourful fruit and vegetable market including these Oriental Persimmons (Kesemek) and Passion Fruits (Markisa).  Many tourists often make it stop at at this town before they go to or after they come back from Lake Toba on the way to Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra.

Many exotic fruits became rare fruits in Indonesia. What a disappointment! Many exotic fruits became harder to get and imported fruits are easy to find including this oriental persimmon (kesemek).

Another disappointment that I felt. The personal who worked for the store where I bought these Oriental Persimmons (Kesemek) didn’t know what these fruits were.  She was asking me what those were and how the taste was.

Anyway, this kesemek (oriental persimmon) is good to be eaten by itself or a mix for es campur (Indonesian iced mix) or pudding.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and I’ll be back next week with some new recipes.




  1. So sorry feel a little under the weather, hope you feel great soon. I’m always looking forward to your Indonesian recipes and trying them, if I can find the ingredients.
    I’ll check with our local oriental store, Cambodia people run it but they have stuff from Thailand and some Malaysia.
    Oriental persimmon? When I know the Cambodia name I’ll ask.
    I’ll be making sayur lodeh tomorrow with a chicken dish on the side with nasi puti, yum.

  2. I live on 5 acre property and have many Indonesian fruit in my gardfen. Jeruk Limau, Jeruk purut, jeruk Bali ( 4 varieties), persimmon, Fuyu, Hachiya, Chocolate persimmon, Imoto, Jiro. If you come to California you can taste. I belong to the California Rare Fruit Growers (www.crfg.org) and growing fruit is my hobby.I live 20 miles from Sequoia National Park.Canada is terlalu dingin for me.
    Salam Martin


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