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Indonesian Food
Bumbu Dasar Merah: Indonesian Red Basic Spices Paste
Indonesia Eats
17 September 2019
Indonesian Recipes
Bumbu Dasar: Indonesian Basic Spices Paste
Indonesia Eats
6 September 2019
Korean Food
Korean Grilled Baby Octopus: Jjukkumi Gui
Indonesia Eats
2 September 2019
Rendang is one of well-known dishes from West Sumatra province of Indonesia that I have made before and posted on my blog.  As on William …


To celebrate my birthday on May 10, I told to my closest friends to go out with me. As a foodie off …
There are some different eggplants. If you grew up in the tropical countries, you will notice some other different shapes and colours. This time …
Jewish Yeast Bread
I am so happy to have Shulie on Indonesia Eats. For those who read this blog regularly must know Shulie of Food Wanderings, …


Everyone must know about corn or we call as jagung in bahasa Indonesia. I made this for my entry to participate at MFM #8, …

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The other day Wiffy of Noobcook posted about Intra brand of Indonesian ginger tea that she likes. I used to get that brand. …
Indonesian Grilled Squids
I have taken so many pictures lately, but didn't have time to post them on blogspot. Challenging my self to 365 days project …
Chocolate and cheese together for snack? I think lots people love to snack.  During my university's time in Bogor, I used to snack …
I am totally confused with the weather. It was been so nice the past weeks, almost like spring, then suddenly snow's storm …
This smoked duck was leftover from our New Year's dinner. My uncle in law asked a help his colleague to smoke a whole …
After four years in the Great White North, I am brave enough to cook crabs. You may remember that I turned a Pacific …

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