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  • Bumbu Dasar Merah: Indonesian Red Basic Spices Paste
    Indonesia Eats
    17 September 2019
  • Bumbu Dasar: Indonesian Basic Spices Paste
    Indonesia Eats
    6 September 2019
  • Korean Food
    Korean Grilled Baby Octopus: Jjukkumi Gui
    Indonesia Eats
    2 September 2019
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This Gulee Kameng or Gulai Kambing Aceh has some different names such as Gulee Sie Kameng, Kari Kameng, Kari Sie Kameng, and Kuah Sie Kameng. …


In our fridge, we barely have milk but we always have soy milk and almond milk which are easy to get at any …
Emping or Emping Melinjo is a popular cracker to company Indonesian foods. The crackers have a slightly bitter taste and are frequently served …
Gulai Bulung Gadung Na i Duda or known as Gulai Daun Ubi Tumbuk in bahasa Indonesia is a one of my childhood curries …


I was curious how braised lamb shanks taste, which most of food shows said so tender. I had been looking for the recipes on the …

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Squid Curry Stuffed With Tofu
Spring Cleaning! I'm doing the spring cleaning for my freezer, so don't get bored if I post about squid, fish, and shrimp …
Udang ala Bie Fong Tong or Deep Fried Shrimp ala Bie Fong Tong.  One of Indonesian bloggers, cik Ine popularized this recipe in …
Well, I left my blog for a month. First and foremost, I was sick for almost two weeks. I was attacked …
Indonesian Oxtail Soup
Sop or Sup is Indonesian word for Soup. Oxtail soup is one of my favourite soup. I sometimes created the oxtail soup into …
When I was 13 years old, our family moved to a residential area that had more Chinese descendants. My dad decided to …
Lumpia Semarang is known as a street hawker food in Indonesia that you can get everywhere and cheap in the country. Also it …

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