Vietnamese Pennywort Drink Recipe (Nuoc Rau Ma)

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This is another use of Pennywort in Southeast Asian cuisine, Nước Rau Má. On my previous post, I served pennywort for making Acehnese pennywort sambal, Sambai On Peuga-ga.

My introduction to this drink was happened on my early year living in Winnipeg. I first tasted the drink a bottle and second tried was in a can. The second trial was leaving me an awful feeling and committed not to have it in a can anymore.

The pennywort is very refreshing especially when you drink it cold, not to mention the health benefit. I described the drink very similar to wheatgrass juice or “for Indonesians might be closer to es cincau hijau without coconut milk. Best to drink this fresh. If you have the ability to fresh pennywort at your market, give a try to make this drink.

The recipe that I found on the internet was using a simple syrup and I had substituted with liquid honey. If you want to get an easier time blending the honey you can mix the honey with boiling water. Use it once it’s cool down.

Nước Rau Má Recipe
Vietnamese Pennywort Drink

250 grams (9 oz) pennywort
5 liter (5 cups) water
liquid honey (or agave if you are a vegan) as you like
ice cubes

In a colander, place pennywort and wash throughly under running water until clean. Drain.

Place Pennywort, honey and water in your blender and run at highest speed for a couple minutes until as fine. With a fine-mesh strainer, strain out. Taste and add any sweetener (sugar, honey or agave etc) that you wishif necessary.

Serve immediately over ice.

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