Nasi goreng (fried rice) is a kind of signature dish in Indonesia. You can name many different variants. I bet you have seen some ready-to-use nasi goreng spices at grocery stores. To be honest, I only used that spices package of nasi goreng once.

I created Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau Kemangi about 5 days ago when I harvested my green chilies and lemon basil from my pots in the balcony last week. I got the inspiration from Sambal Lado Mudo (or known as Sambal Cabai Hijau) that is a popular sambal from Minang (West Sumatra) region.

Green chili or cabai hijau is as important as long red cayenne pepper and bird chil for making Indonesian sambals. In order to make Sambal Lado Mudo, you need green chilies to add. If you go to any Padang (Minang) restaurants or warungs in Indonesia, you will find this sambal to accompany the food.

Other ingredients to make sambal lado mudo are shallots, green tomatoes, tiny anchovies. However, to get green tomatoes in Canada is not that easy. So, I have been substituting for others such as frozen bilimbi, tomatillos. Last summer, my husband’s coworker gave me bunch of green tomatoes from her garden. I have kept them frozen until this summer, so I can make a real sambal lado mudo and this nasi goreng. 🙂

Speaking about lemon basil, it is the only variety of basils that is much used in Indonesian cuisine. We enjoy them raw as lalapan (vegetables to company sambal), add into Indonesian curries, grill, steam soup and stew dishes.

I don’t take any measurements for food that I can make it almost once a week (or whenever I have leftover cooked rice). But, I’ll try my best to do approximately measurements.

PS. Thanks to everyone who greets me with Ramadan blessing through the previous post.

Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau Kemangi
– Indonesian Green Chili Fried Rice with Lemon Basil –
recipe by me

500 g cold cooked rice (leftover from the night is better)
3 shallots
8 green chilies (you add less or more chilies as your hot suitable palate)
1 green tomato
1/2 tsp terasi (dried shrimp paste), roasted
1/2 cup dry anchovies
lemon basil, chopped
2 tbsp frying oil

1. Grind shallots, tomato, chillies and shrimp paste until smooth

2. In a wok, heat oil at medium high, add anchovies and saute about 1 minute.

3. Add ground spices, stir fry until fragrant.

4. Add rice and mix them well. Combine chopped lemon basils. Remove from heat.

Enjoy nasi goreng with kerupuk.


  1. Eight green chilies sounds really spicy for me. By reducing its amount, I think I will enjoy this fried rice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never know what to do with left over rice, this nasi goreng looks tasty and delicious!
    Which rice do you use? basmati?

  3. […] Green tomatoes and long green chiles are two basic ingredients in Indonesian cooking to make samba(l) lado mudo (green chiles sambal). In the past, I didn’t have access to green tomatoes so I substituted them for bilimbi (belimbing sayur or wuluh) or tomatillos. Please do check my sambal lado mudo with bilimbi and sambal lado mudo with tomatillo recipes. In Mexico, Tomatillos are referred to as green tomatoes (Spanish: tomate verde). Sambal lado mudo is often companied for many Padangese/Minangese dishes. Beside that, I already made this basic sambal lado mudo into a Nasi Goreng Cabai Hijau Kemangi (Indonesian green chili with lemon basil). […]


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