I still remember when I was a kid I liked staring and browsing recipes on my mom’s booklets that she had been collecting from the Indonesian women magazine, Sarinah. At that time, I never tried to make one of those recipes. As I recall, there were two of the fritter recipes that I love in that booklet, Nanas Goreng (Pineapple Fritters) and Bayam Goreng (Spinach Fritters).

International Women's Day

The International Women’s Day, hosted by Zorra; invited us to cook or bake something yellow. A recipe of Nanas Goreng (Pineapple Fritters) that brings my memory back to my childhood is my entry for that event.


Nanas Rings
Nanas Goreng can be eaten as the way it is, can be served by sprinkling over sugar and cinnamon generously, with whipped cream or your favorite ice cream. That is the reason why I put a dessert/snack recipe for the title. I don’t remember exactly the ingredients’ measurement in that cook booklet. I tried to make my own version on measurement.


Nanas Goreng 1


Nanas Goreng
My very own recipe. Makes 8 rings.

1 whole fresh pineapple
200 g rice flour(can be substituted for pastry flour)
320 ml cold water, 4 degrees C or 40 degrees F (can be substituted for cold milk)
1/4 tsp vanilla powder
a pinch of sugar
a dash of salt

1. Place the pineapple on its side on the cutting board and remove the stalk. By using a pineapple slicer, you will get a clean pineapple without core and pineapple juice, once the core has been removed, separate into rings, mine got 8 rings. If you don’t have a pineapple slicer, this link will be helpful for you who never cut a pineapple before.

2. Drain each pineapple ring with paper towel. Meanwhile, place and dry ingredients in a bowl, add cold water; whisk quickly. Dip gently eggplant rings into batter. Deep fried in hot oil until it turn golden brown and cooked through. Suggestion serving: sprinkle over sugar and cinnamon generously, enjoy with whipped cream or your favorite ice cream. I myself enjoyed them they way they are.

Serving Nanas Goreng 3


  1. yum!! i love all kinds of fritters (is it becos i am indonesian?) hihihi pineapple fritters. must be so refreshing, let me do this one in summer ^^


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