Indonesian Yellow Chicken Noodle
Did you remember when I said many version of chicken noodle in Indonesia? From region to region, also from one food hawker to another one; they are vary too.

Here is one of my fave too. I got the recipe from a foodie friend who was spending her childhood in Java island too and live in the US at the moment.

Indonesian recipes apply turmeric as often as Indian cooking. You will see this ingredient in some soto (Indonesian style soup), porridge/rice, and chicken recipes such as ayam goreng kuning (yellow fried chicken), soto babat (beef tripe soup), nasi kuning (yellow fragrant rice), bubur ayam Cirebon (Cirebon style chicken porridge), yellow chicken saté/satay, etc.

Mie Ayam Kuning
– Yellow Chicken Noodle –

300 g chicken wings
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 leek, take the white part only and slice
1 teaspoon ground toasted coriander
3 cm long turmeric, peeled and grated/pounded
8 kaffir lime leaves, tore
preserved radish (tong chay/tong chai)
cooking oil
1250 mL water

fresh egg noodles
yuey choy*
chicken oil
soy sauce
salt and ground white pepper
fried or boiled wonton
green onions and/or fried shallot

Stir fry garlic, leek, kaffir lime leaves, turmeric and coriander until fragrant. Add chicken wings, stir for about 2 minutes and add water in. Cook until a boil. Add preserved radish and reduce the heat and let simmer for the next 15 minutes.

Chicken Topping:
Remove cooked chicken wings out from the broth. Separate between the bones and meat. Cut the meat into pieces. Set aside.

Chicken Oil
Please see the recipe by clicking the link.

In a pot, boil water and brew noodle until soften and drain.

In a bowl, combine 2.5 tablespoon chicken oil, soy sauce, a dash of salt and pepper. Add 1 portion of cooked egg noodles and mix well with your chopstick. It’s important to season the noodle while it’s still hot. Ladle some broth over. Place blached yuey choy and chicken toppings. Garnish with fried/boiled wonton, fried shallot and green onions.

Cook’s Note:
*If there is no yuey choy, you are welcom to substitute with bok choy or other green mustard family.



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