I have Meyer Lemons’ picture long before I went for holiday last May.  These lemons have a named after Frank Nicholas Meyer, an agricultural explorer and employee of USDA who introduced them to the US in 1908.  That time was my first time trying Meyer Lemons which are a crossbreed between lemon and orange.  These Meyer Lemons have an unique flavour with a sweeter and more floral taste than other lemons and can even have an slightly orange tint.

Meyer Lemons are great additions as fruit to salads and other dishes without the mouth-puckering sour tartness associated with lemons. With a beautiful floral aroma, Meyer Lemons can enhance a great flavour to lemon dessert and traditional lemon dishes.

While I myself loved enjoying them for lemonade, what about you? Here is a post of 100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon if you need a guide what to do with this lemon.



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