Inong is one of Indonesian foodie bloggers who passed away on August 31, 2006 in Singapore. Even though I don’t know her personally, but I know about her blogs (food blogs and her daily blogs, her poems). People know her as a kind-hearted and adorable person, lovely mom for her children, Zidan and Syifa.

One of Indonesian women mailing list, We R Momies Indonesia has a love project to remembrance her contributions to Indonesian blogs by publishing a book about the recipes and poems from her blogs. The copyright of the book will be belong to her children.

We R Mommies mailing list required some volunteers to try her recipes and took a photo of the food that we have tried. I’m one of those volunteers and I picked her Buntut Bumbu Asem Asem’ recipe. Here, it is the pic and the recipe.

Category:Soups & Stews

500 grams beef oxtail
1 1/2 liter water
2 tbsp oil
10 bilimbis, cut into a half
2 tomatoes, wedged
10 bird’s eye chilies
1 lemongrass, bruised
salt and sugar to season

4 red chilies
6 shallots
3 cloves garlic

1. Heat oil in a medium pot over medium-high heat, saute ground spices and lemon grass until fragrant.
2. Add oxtail, stir until lightly brown.
3. Add water, turn down to low-medium heat and cook until the meat tender.
4. Add bilimbi, tomato and bird’s eye chilies, simmer until all spices permeated. Remove from heat. Serve with steamed rice.


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