Lamb Shank Rendang

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When I first made rendang in Canada, I felt overwhelmed by how much time I spent on stirring. No wonder when I was in Indonesia, I never made by myself. I just bought them at any Padang restaurants which are almost at every corner in the city.

In Indonesia, the Minangese (or better known as Padang people) is an ethnic group that is popular for being migrated to other islands/places and open up a business including those Padang restaurants.

I’m not going to share a recipe of lamb shank rendang here as I have posted Beef Rendang recipe before, so you can adapt that and substitute the meat for lamb shank. I also added mini potatoes in the rendang mixture. Once it’s done, I served the lamb shank rendang with mini potatoes and pacri nanas (spiced pineapple).

In Minangkabau region, West Sumatra (Padang) where this dish is originated, Rendang can be made for other various of protein source and vegetable such as water buffalo, duck, liver, chicken, potato, young jackfruit etc.

Did you see a small black thing in the picture? That is a gorakka, a garcinia family dried fruit and substitution for asam kandis. Asam kandis is added to give dark colour and tart flavour into rendang.

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