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My First Taste of Kovbasa

That tittle seems weird for you who have known me for so long and know how long I have been living on the Prairie land of Canada. Kovbasa or Kielbasa or Kołbasa or Kobasa or Kobasi or Kubasais is very popular sausage in Winnipeg that is heavily populated with Ukrainian and Polish descendants. I finally tasted the kovbasa when my uncle in law whom is very kind person and had asked a friend of his to make beef kovbasa with a lamb casing.

Even though I’m not a cold cut eater, I was enjoying my kovbasa lots as I did enjoy smoked duck breast that was crafted like a ham 🙂

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6 thoughts on “My First Taste of Kovbasa”

    1. If you know somebody who know how to make sausage, you can ask them. Unfortunately, I only know two people. One is in Winnipeg, Canada and another one is in Jakarta, Indonesia 🙂

    1. great idea! Kielbasa Balado (sambal lado) would be more perfect. Since balado usually uses many other protein and vegetable ingredients

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