Ambarella (Kedondong)

Kedondong (Ambarella) is another tropical fruit that I adore for rujak. Rujak Manis (or known as Rujak Buah) and Rujak Cingur are often added by kedondong (ambarella). If you are new to Indonesian Food, Rujak is basically a fruit salad. My rujak manis recipe has been posted before. But I would love to make my own rujak cingur one day. You can always make a simple rujakthat I had last week.

Beside an important element for rujak, kedondong (ambarella) can be also juiced and turned into Manisan, an Indonesian sweet pickle. The fruit of Spondias dulcis is not the only part of this plant that is beneficial for us, the young leaves of kedondong (amabarella) is a seasoning for making pepes in West Java.

What about you? What do you like to do for your Kedondong (Amarella)?


  1. In Toronto’s Chinatown, where I live, kedondong is sold as June apple. Available quite often, as with most Asian fruits and vegetables. (What I use most are Munik bumbu packages – for lazy cooks like me.)

    • I’m able to get kedondong in Winnipeg as well. Unfortunately, the kedondong that I got here pretty small and taste a bit off 🙂
      Munik is common to be sold at most Asian stores here too. But it’s only common dishes that Munik has. Meanwhile there are many Indonesian foods that can’t be presented by Munik.


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