Kaffir Lime is not Jeruk Limo nor Jeruk Sambal

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Kaffir Lime and Jeruk Limo are same green, small and very flavourful. What are the differences between kafiir lime and jeruk limo? Kaffir lime has a wrinkle skin and less juice, while jeruk limo is similar to regular lime’s look, but much more juice than the kaffir lime.

After searching high and low to find the Science name in order to get the English name of Jeruk Limo, I finally found the resource of Jeruk Limo. The website gave me a complete information about Jeruk Limo in English (Thanks!); find how big the trees are at Sybout.

Again, I thanked SyboutΒ for the permission on using a jeruk limo’s picture on that website as I don’t have any fresh resource to Jeruk Limo. Luckily, I could find fresh Kaffir Lime in Winnipeg, so I have had a picture of Kaffir Lime on my own.

Jeruk Limo
Courtesy of Sybout

Science: Citrus amblycarpa (Citrus limonellus)
Family: Rutaceae
English: Nasnaran Mandarin, Leprous Lime
Indonesian: Jeruk Sambal, Jeruk Limau, Jeruk Limo

It’s very popular for variety of Sambal in Indonesia as well as seafood dishes.

Kaffir Limes

Science: Citrus hystrix
Family: Rutaceae
English: Kaffir Lime
Indonesian: Jeruk Purut

It’s very useful to reduce the unpleasant smell from fish or meat by zesting the skin since the fruit has very small amount of juice.

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