The Jakarta Post loves Indonesia Eats. Am I dreaming or what? I still couldn’t believe when this morning I woke up and saw some Facebook notifications on my cellphone. Mbak Amanda Katili of Omar Niode Foundation congratulated me and said “we trust your taste” with a link to an article from the Jakarta Post. Together with my Indonesian foodie fellow mbak Astri who is written Indonesian recipes from Down Under on , the Jakarta Post has mentioned our website as a trusted cooking blog for Indonesian food.

To be honest, I still have ample things to learn about Indonesian food. There are over 300 ethnic groups in Indonesia. So you can imagine the diversity of its food.

The Jakarta Post Loves Indonesia Eats

Thank you, Jakarta Post for your mention! Thank you mbak Amanda for your information!


  1. Congratulations! I’ll add that my wife just made your recipe for sambal tumpang and declared it better than her neighbor’s (a well known rumah makan specializing in pecel) in Kediri.

  2. Congratulation Peppy.Thanks a lot for your good recipes, they are remedies for our homesickness. It’s better if you can suggest substitutes for hard to find items/ingredients in Canada/USA.

    • Andy, thank you! If you go to my recipes and need the substitution, I will give some notes there. However if you live in big cities of US and Canada and lots of Asian immigrants like where I live right now, you will not find a hard time to find the ingredients.

      But surely people can send me email for asking about ingredients. In case you don’t know I have a glossary what are the ingredients name in English and Indonesian at

      • It is difficult to find terasi in Toronto even if you go to all Chinatown markets, because Indonesian communities are not significant compared to other Asians like Chinese, indian, Pinoys etc. Usually we substitute terasi with shrimp paste from Thailand. We sayur asam with Tamarind soup powder from Knorr,

        • That is quite odd as in Mississauga, there is an Indonesian food distributor that supply Indonesian products to Winnipeg. I usually use belachan from Penang, malaysia. Belachan is also a name of terasi in Medan. Kapi or Thailand shrimp paste is not much different from terasi πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Andrea! Btw the blog name is INDONESIA EATS not INDONESIAN EATS. Indonesia is reflect the whole country that why I gave that name πŸ˜€


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